Going for Broke

Going for Broke

From: $150.00

Exclusive Small Group tour to the Eclectic Vineyards of Broke.


Want to get away from the hustle and bustle? Want to come away from an experience that leaves you energised and refreshed? This small group tour is a real opportunity to experience hospitality and connection at its finest.

The wine growers in the Broke area are truly generous in taking their time to explain the subtle differences of each type of grape and how they affect the various wines that they stock. They also explain how the grapes are grown, the best years (and the worst), the wine maturation process and have a host of stories to share.

This picturesque region will heighten your senses like no other part of the Hunter. The small, boutique vineyards are full of wonderful little sparks of creativity, provided by the resilient and resourceful members of the community. Working together as a collective group, these small, bespoke businesses are able to offer guests unique opportunities that instill positive connection with the land and the community and is aligned to health and prosperity.

Combine all these wonderful attractions with the fantastic, award winning wines and exceptional food, and you are sure to come away feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world. Alternatively you will feel relaxed and grateful that you are able to visit this extraordinary, natural wonderland that can only be found in Broke.

I hope you are able to join Amante Experience, as we share these wonderful, enchanting (and arguably the best) part of the Hunter!!

Going for Broke

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